Why you might need your Chimney Repaired:

Whether your chimney is functional or not, it is a structural part of your roof that will require maintenance at some point. Since brickwork/ stonework and associated fixings such as mortar are not immune to weathering and movement, it’s also important to get your chimney checked by a professional now and again to make sure it’s structurally sound.

Below, we will reveal the common signs that a chimney needs repair. These can be established through a physical inspection:

  • Leaky roof

  • White staining

  • Damaged mortar joints

  • Damp or wet firebox

  • Cracked chimney crown

  • Falling masonry (spalling)

  • Movement

Never let an issue develop into a larger one!

How we repair Chimneys:

The most difficult part is gaining safe access to the chimney height. Once access has been gained, the flaunching on top of the chimney will need to be inspected and removed/replaced if it has cracked or is in poor condition. The cement between the bricks should be raked out and any loose dust removed with a brush.
There is no point in “smudging” a thin layer of cement over the existing pointing, as it will be so thin that it will peel off after a few months of weathering. it is paramount that the existing cement is raked/cut out, usually about an inch deep. New cement can then be pointed into the brick course.
As the chimney is subject to considerable weathering, with rainwater hitting the bricks and cement on the exposed stack, it is recommended that a strong sand/cement mix is used to repair damaged chimneys.

Why choose Es Pointing:

Es Pointing can assess your chimney problem with a no-obligation survey and detail the correct work needed.
We will inform you the cost of the repairs so you can a more informed decision about the work you need doing.
For any Chimney repairs in Wigan & Leigh areas you should choose Es Pointing.