Why you might need your Gutters Repaired:

Gutters may be leaking from several causes including:

  • Blocked pipes

  • Joint failures

  • Damaged or missing brackets

  • Cracks and holes

  • Poor alignment

How we repair gutters:

The joints on both cast iron and aluminum gutters are prone to leaking and should be taken apart, the existing sealant removed with a knife/chisel and new sealant applied. The joint should then be re-assembled, mastic sealant only should be used as a temporary gutter repair. Gutters have a high degree of thermal expansion/contraction (movement), so the mastic seal will usually tear in less than one year so you need to have the repairs done professionally!

Why choose Es Pointing:

Es Pointing can assess the gutter problem with a no-obligation survey and detail the correct work needed.
We will inform you the cost of the repairs so you can a more informed decision about the work you need doing.
For any guttering repairs in Wigan & Leigh areas you should choose Es Pointing.