Why you might need a Damp Course:

Damp course problems can persist in any property (regardless of its age) as long as there is an internal or external defect present to allow unwanted moisture into the property. The most common forms of damp are rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation. Once the moisture has begun affecting a property, it not only has the ability to have a severely damaging effect on the decor and structural timbers, but it has potential to cause harm to your health too.

How we Damp Proof a House:

The first step in fixing damp walls is identifying the source of moisture. To do this, you will need to carry out checks of your home both internally and externally.
Damp patches on walls can be caused by a number of underlying issues.
Once you have identifed the source of the problem, you should resolve it before tackling the effects of damp inside your home.
If you suspect that your home is damp because of condensation – you are likely to see excess moisture on your windows and black mould on surfaces - you can combat this by ensuring that your house is well ventilated. This may involve the installation of a positive input ventilation unit or increasing the ventilation with a passive vent.

Why choose Es Pointing:

For any property owner with a damp issue, it is essential that you choose a specialist damp course company who will use the correct and most efficient damp course treatment to ensure the property is made warm, safe and dry again. By failing to recognise the issue initially, it can, if left unchecked, easily lead to further disturbances and problems. Damp can spread and progress through your property almost unknowingly, potentially leading to more serious problems such as dry rot and wet rot.

Es Pointing can assess the problem with a no-obligation survey and detail the correct work needed.
We will inform you the cost of the repairs so you can a more informed decision about the work you need doing.
If your house need Damp Proofing in Wigan & Leigh areas you should choose Es Pointing.